What will be covered

This webinar recording takes a look at examples of best practice when it comes to providing learners with engaging learning experiences. In this webinar we will explore:

  • Learnings from a number of guest speakers, who will share examples of world-class approaches to designing engaging learning experiences.
  • How to design and implement engaging learning experiences for your learners
  • The importance of planning, recording and retaining evidence of learning experiences


This is a recording of the second webinar of our 3-part series, aimed at supporting education providers to create engaging learning content. We are joined by a number of guest speakers, including the Department of Education NSW and Donna Mc George, who is a renowned speaker, author, facilitator and coach. Our guest speakers will share their own examples of providing audiences with world-class engaging learning experiences. We will also be joined by a representative from ReadyTech, who will discuss the importance of retaining evidence of learner experiences and how the My Profiling edtech platform can be used to record evidence of learner experience and practical assessments.

This webinar series has been designed to support educators, instructional designers, course developers and compliance professionals working across the secondary, vocational and higher education sectors.

All participants of this webinar will receive confirmation of professional development with a digital badge.

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